About Magnus Flysjö

Born in 1978, you will certainly put a smile on my face when mentioning C64, Atari, Amiga, NES.

My father got me introduced to GFA Basic on Atari ST, and when later got our first PC at home it didn’t take long until I found out about Turbo Pascal - It was love at first sight and I’ve stayed loyal ever since.

When attending high school in my later teenage years, we used Turbo Pascal 7 in all the programming classes. I ended up teaching our teacher some cool stuff with VESA VBE (doing graphic stuff in hi-res modes was not very common back then) – of course with the result of top grades. :-)

Before high school was over I had started working for a company, producing applications written in Delphi 3. It was so cool being able to do all those Client-Server stuff so quickly for the customers.

After high school I did my military duty in the Swedish armed forces. I remember taking my old Toshiba laptop (486DX) with me to the barracks, doing some coding with Delphi 5 in the evenings.  

When my military duty was over, I started working for Ericsson here in Sweden, but since we used Unix/Solaris (lack of being able to use Delphi) I only stayed for about 10 months before joining another company, writing the technical documentation and examples for an SDK to their COM based system– of course using Delphi. Then the famous dot.com crash happened and the company I worked for went bankrupt.

In autumn 2000 I finally started my own company, focusing on application development for the Windows Platform. I was able to get some large contracts where I was able to do all my development in Delphi 7.

The years went by, and I started to feel quite lonely running a one-man-business. This was the time I started the first Delphi user group in Gothenburg here in Sweden. It was a great way to get in touch with other developers using Delphi in my local area.

I started working more closely with Borland in Stockholm at this time, doing events and seminars about Delphi programming. At this time we also created the user group for Delphi programmers in Stockholm.

At the moment I am still running my IT-consulting firm (13 years now), doing some really heavy programming in Delphi for Electrolux. I am also the back-end support for the Swedish reseller of Embarcadero tools.

Other merits of special interest:

  • I was once able to write the entire Swedish alphabet on the keyboard on 2.58 seconds. ;-)
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Presenting RAD Studio in Stockholm with Pawel Glowacki.


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